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Nokia on Android O and P kills any background process including sleep tracking or any other sport tracking after 20 minutes if the screen is off. Also when killed all alarms are stopped which renders for example any alarm clock apps useless.

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We have investigated this issue in details. We did even purchase a Nokia 6. The problem only occurs on Nokia devices with Android Pie. Nokia started to bundle a toxic app package: com. This app kills apps in the most brutal way we have seen so far among Android vendors. Whitelisting apps from battery optimizations does not help! Evenwell kills even whitelisted apps.

Track your Switched Off Mobile Phone Location - Find your Lost, Stolen Mobile Phone Location

What this non-standard app does is every process gets killed after 20 minutes regardless it is actually supposed to be running and doing a useful job for the user. Also alarms are not triggered. The aim is apparently to save your battery by rendering tracking apps and other apps that use background processing useless. Moreover even 3rd party user visible alarms alarm clock alarms are not triggering properly on Nokia as foreground services cannot be started from background on Nokia.

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Nokia Android phones might have too aggressive background tasks manager *UPDATE*

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    Location Of - Nokia 8 Real-Time GPS Tracking

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    Hack Wife's or Girlfriend's Facebook Account and Conversations Easily from iOS

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    10+ Apps To Track Lost / Stolen Android Devices

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